Social Media & Content Creation 

Content needs to be created for audiences in a way that's straight-forward and educational. People scroll for more than 500 meters on their phones a day, which results in shorter attention spans and smaller windows to communicate a message.

This is one of the many reasons why it's important to create content that can be absorbed quickly and efficiently. With the ALS Society of Canada, their content was created in a way that easily communicated important calls-to-action and information.

 Digital Designs 

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ALS Canada - Marathon Run

 Print/Email Designs 

ALS Canada Advocacy
ALS Canda Newsletter
ALS Canad Plane Pull
ALS Canada Plane Pull
ALS Canada Plane Pull
ALS Canada Plane Pull
ALS Canada Plane Pull


From March to September 2019, Facebook has experienced a 10% increase in followers and the organization as a whole is ahead of its fundraising goal for this time (October 2019) of year. The "It's About Time" end of year campaign for 2019 generated the highest amount of donations to-date for an end of year campaign.

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