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Within the digital age, brands need to be ahead of the curve. This is true when it comes to online trends, and listening to what audiences want to see and experience. With the Sorry Girls, a Canadian YouTube duo, creating content that reflected their audience's interest while paying attention to 'meme-able' moments, allowed them to remain relevant amongst audiences.

There was content developed for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, including graphics, illustrations, and photo-planning. To see examples, see below.

 Quick Note: Video Content and YouTube Audiences 

Video content is going to be the leading marketing approach by 2020. With 87% of online marketers using video content, which results in a 157% increase in organic traffic, it is the content of choice for future marketing methods. YouTube is a prime example of how this trend is taking off, as well as the new creation of Facebook's Creative Studio.

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paint peel sorry girls
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 The Impact 

Out of audience engagement and noting online trends, the #SatisfyingSunday hashtag was developed.  This was born out of a "Strangely Satisfying" type of content skyrocketed. Engagement on this type of content increased and resulted in additional reshares.


Listening to their audience is equally as important as listening to digital trends. Content that tagged the Sorry Girls were reshared with thanks. This resulted in additional followers creating and posting their own content to share. This contributes to organic, audience-generated content, which is the type of content brands and marketers strive to achieve. 

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