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Eirene Cremations

During my time with Eirene Cremations, their content saw over a 700% increase in impressions and a 1.4K% increase in engagement compared to prior to my joining. 

I focused on leveraging existing networks and reaching out to new collaborators to create compelling and heartfelt content. I prioritized humanizing the brand while building trust in our community. I successfully elevated Eirene's online presence by implementing strategic initiatives that fostered this trust and connection with potential consumers. By focusing on lead generation through advanced SEO techniques, I ensured our content was easily discoverable and highly relevant to our audiences. 

Meet The Team series

  • Humanized the brand by highlighting the funeral directors and care team

  • Shared personal and professional stories of employees

  • Fostered brand trust and connection with the audience through authentic narratives

Introducing Video Content

  • Produced engaging videos for online posting

  • Aimed to build brand trust and connection with the audience

  • Increased online visibility through consistent video content creation

  • Enhanced content appeal by leveraging diverse video formats and styles

Important national dates

  • Developed ongoing blog posts for special dates throughout the year such as Mother's Day and Organ and Tissue Donation Month

  • Created social media campaigns to accompany the blog posts

  • Focused on educational content to inform and enlighten audiences

  • Aimed to build and strength community connections through targetted content

Tools, Calendars & Response Matrix

  • Created essential documents to facilitate customer engagement, including a response matrix

  • Developed an editorial calendar to organize and plan content

  • Created a social media calendar to manage and schedule posts

  • Ensured consistent and ongoing content planning and execution

  • Onboarded specialized tools to use for social media scheduling, media tracking, and analytics

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