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Miriam Baker Designs

During my time with Miriam Baker Designs, I spearheaded and implemented a digital strategy for the brand. This plan increased mailing list subscriptions by 39% in the first six months, and online store sessions increased by 1,074% (via social media in 2019 vs 2018). Some of my responsibilities and roles are outlined below.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

  • Lead the creation of a social media calendar and schedule

  • Collaborate with photographers and supported on photoshoot sets to capture needed images

  • Collaborate with stylists for pre-shoot briefing

  • Responsible for a level of community outreach

  • Collaborate with clients and partners,  and involved them in social content

  • Write copy for social posts

Website and Blogs

  • Responsible for creating relevant Calls-To-Action on the website

  • Coordinate and manage writers to publish written works on the blog

  • Collaborate with SEO expert to increase our viewership

  • Pitch article ideas to writers and designers


  • Integrate social media with newsletter promotion to increase signups and website traffic

  • Design and  template newsletters

  • Draft and finalize copy

  • Create timely newsletters in response to current events

  • Integrate newsletters with blog posts and new promotions

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