It's important to connect with your audience. They are the ones who will support your brand and are the ones that believe in your product. A way to connect with them is to engage them online through re-shares or replies. There are brands that want to take it one step further and build their own community. This will be the group of people who look to your brand as a thought-leader and turn to you when they have a question that needs answering.


One way to create your own community online is to host a TweetChat. This was the course of action for Movin'On Conf, a Michelin produced conference.

 Community Building and Audience Engagement 

 What are TweetChats? 

A tweetchat is a scheduled online event that takes place on Twitter. People are encouraged to follow a specific hashtag and have a discussion around a specific topic. The discussion will have a moderator, who prepares questions in advance.

 The Planning 

There were a total of 7 TweetChats leading up to the conference, all of which had different moderators and topics. To ensure each was a success:

  1. A new, relevant discussion topic was selected

  2. Questions were created for the moderator to ask

  3. An event moderator is chosen (with high audience engagement and following)

  4. Partners and sponsors actively participate in the chat

  5. Promotional graphics are created for moderators and participants to share (see below)

  6. Continuous promotion of the chat leading up to it

Kristen Jeffers - Movin'On Conf - TweetC
Neal Lunger - Movin'On Conf - TweetChat
MovinOn Tweet Chat - Question.png
TweetChat Question.png
MovinOn TweetChat.png
MovinOn Chat - Jack Stewart.png

 The Impact 

The impact of the TweetChats was measured by:

  1. Impressions

  2. Reach

  3. Posts

  4. Hashtag Users

On average, each TweetChat hit 900,000 impressions, reached 200,000 accounts, resulted in 250 posts using the hashtag, and more than 30 users using the hashtag. An added benefit of these chats it that our impressions and page view continued to peak days after the chat.

These TweetChats allowed us to engage our audience across the globe, including in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Turkey, and Chile, while deepening our relationship with potential collaborators, partners, and stakeholders. This also gained the opportunity to have influencers such as Bertrand Piccard an EnoTrans join the conversation and have the brand be seen by their networks.

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