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Documents the stories of those impacted by preventable systemic failures, including a toxic drug supply, and how love bonds their stories. 

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Mou Leipeis (direct Greek translation: You are missing from me) explores the mental safe-havens we create to combat reality. 

Artist Residency - Photography

Grounded explores bereavement and how it feels to revisit past memories.

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Photography Collaboration

Sunkissed Exposure explores the role and influence of gender ideas and identities.

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Moments in nature captured.

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"No one is free until we are all free."



Mudhouse Artist Residency (2019)

Arts Market (2018)

RAW Artists (February 2017)

NORD Magazine (January 2017)

LiikeMag (December 2016)

HUF Magazine (November 2016)

Super Wonder Gallery (October 2016)

CONTACT Photography Festival (2015)

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