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Truly Inc.

I worked with three big clients during my time with Truly Inc. My role as the Communications Manager involved several moving parts that included collaborating with clients, training co-workers, and managing all social channels and content. My role also included managing content creation in both English and French for all clients. Additional roles and responsibilities are below.

C2 Montreal

  • Creating and supporting timely content creation across channels

  • Responsible for writing social copy and having it translated

  • Collaborate with partners, speakers, and public relations teams to coordinate messaging and content 

  • Manage a Social Squad, responsible for covering the event in real-time

  • Responsible for the launch of C2 International social channels

  • Run and optimize ads for the channels to increase followers and engagement

  • Handle community management to ensure all comments and messages were responded to

  • Lead weekly check-ins with editorial teams

  • Create monthly analytics for social channels


  • Coordinate a monthly TweetChat with brand partners and sponsors. This would include picking a topic, finding a moderator and ensuring participants for the event

  • Responsible for same-day live event coverage across social

  • Launch social platforms for the event, growing the platform more than 200% in the first year

  • Run optimized ads on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to increase engagement and following 

  • Collaborate with the editorial team for content creation

  • Manage community involvement, both with partners and followers

  • Responsible for writing all social copy and sourcing images

Reflector Entertainment

  • Launch social channels, and create and manage content calendars 

  • Responsible for writing social copy and image sourcing

  • Collaborate with our graphic designer to create visuals

  • Attend SXSW to support research and engagement, while also covering the event in realtime

  • Launch their online publication

  • Manage and coordinate writers for content creation

  • Pitch writing ideas to SM

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