A little about me

photo by Toronto photographer, Mohammed Sami

Soon after completing her Bachelor of Design from OCAD U, Maria jumped into the world of PR. This is where she discovered her knack for storytelling and interest in the digital realm. First starting off in the lifestyle and beauty world, she ultimately followed her entrepreneurial instincts and chose to work with brands that, in some capacity, focused on social good and impact.

Ac​ross all the work Maria has done both personally and professionally, she's championed the importance of vulnerability and inclusivity. She's the co-founder of two grass-root projects, She Shouts and Counterbalance, both of which focused on fostering community and sharing stories within an inclusive space. She is presently the co-founder and host of The Next Normal podcast, which focuses on helping people future-proof themselves in an ever-changing world.

She is presently working with Appnovation as their Social Media Manager where she is bringing her expertise and experience in digital marketing to their social media platforms and content.

Her most recent adventures include completing the Scotiabank Half Marathon and venturing off to Crete where she completed an Artist Residency program focused on her photography work.